How to invest

  1. Set up a Graal account at
  2. Login to your account and select the tab “Invest”. Enter the Bitcoin address you plan to send Bitcoins (BTC) from and copy Graal Fund’s Bitcoin address.
  3. Send BTC (minimum investment amount = 1 BTC) to Bitcoin address of the Graal Fund.
  4. You will receive GEM to your Ethereum address (GEM are tokens which provide you with ownership of digital assets).
Enter your
Bitcoin address
Send BTC from entered address
to Bitcoin address of the Graal Fund
Receive GEM to your Ethereum account

Value of GEM

When an investor sends Bitcoins to the Graal Fund Bitcoin address, Graal Fund issues GEM tokens based on the token price and sends them to the investor’s address. The token price is calculated every Friday at 16.00 GMT.

GEM price =
Value of Assets Current Supply
Investor GEM =
Investment GEM price
— entrance fee

In order to get BTC, the investor sends GEM to the Graal Fund Ethereum address. The amount of BTC that is to be paid to the investor is calculated as follows:

Amount of BTC = Amount of GEM * GEM price − exit fee